Disabling only a single ggplot2/tidyverse lifecycle/deprecated warning? (Not all lifecycle warnings)

I have some R code that uses ggplot2 and may continue to use aes_string() for a while despite that function being deprecated. The code also uses source() to bring in some other functions that use aes_string(), which I do not have access to edit without making/maintaining a separate copy of the included code.

I know I can disable all tidyverse lifecycle messages with: rlang::local_options(lifecycle_verbosity = "quiet") but I don’t necessarily want to disable all of them – I may still update other parts of the code to match changes in ggplot2, even while continuing to use aes_string().

Is there any way to disable the deprecated message only for aes_string() and not for everything else?

>Solution :

Just wrap the aes_string() call in suppressWarnings():


ggplot(mpg, aes_string("cty", "hwy")) +
# Warning message:
# `aes_string()` was deprecated in ggplot2 3.0.0.
# ℹ Please use tidy evaluation ideoms with `aes()` 

ggplot(mpg, suppressWarnings(aes_string("cty", "hwy"))) +
# [no warning printed]

Or if you want to be sure to suppress only that specific warning, you could define a custom handler function like:

suppressDeprecationWarning <- function(...) {
    warning = \(w) if ("`aes_string()` was deprecated in ggplot2 3.0.0." %in% w$message) {

ggplot(mpg, suppressDeprecationWarning(aes_string("cty", "hwy"))) +
# [no warning printed]

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