How to identify which version spring framework to use when upgrading java 1.7 webapp to openjdk 19?


Few years back, I develop a web application using Java 1.7, SpringFramework 4.1.1.RELEASE and Hibernate 3.6.10.Final. This webapp is running on Tomcat 7.0.4 at the time.

Now, I planning to upgrade and compile everything using OpenJDK 19, and Tomcat 10.1.
How do I know which version to use in my pom.xml (Maven) so that theres no error after compilation and during runtime.

WHat should I do first?

Using the latest Eclipse and I have downloaded both Tomcat 10.1 and OpenJDK 19.
I’ve set the Java Compiler to openJDK 19 and added both JRE System Library and Server Runtime in the build path.
I have also added some more jar file to fix issues in Marker tab but I encountered error during starting up application.

>Solution :

Tomcat 10.1 uses Servlet API 6.0 which is now part of Jakarta EE. As part of the move from Java EE to Jakarta EE, the packages in javax.servlet.* are moved to jakarta.servlet.* since the error you are getting.

If your target platform is Tomcat 10.1, you should move to Spring Framework 6.

Check the migration guide

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