Adding a Line Break to a User Input Variable Python Then Storing it in a JSON File


So I have this program and in the program is a Tkinter entry box and when the user clicks the submit button it stores the input to a JSON file. How can I add a line break after the string has been written in JSON file?

I’ve tried using the newline="\r\n" in the

with open(udf, "a", newline="\r\n") as file_object:
    json.dump(usern, file_object)

By the way, the varible usern is what the user typed in to the entry box.

And the new line feature in it:

with open(udf, "a") as file_object:
    json.dump(usern + "\n", file_object)

But none of it worked

>Solution :

The json module does not support adding newlines to the file when dumping data.

You can use file_object.write("\n") to add it to the file after dumping:

with open(udf, "a") as file_object:
    json.dump(usern, file_object)

Or convert it to a string with json.dumps() and make a single write operation:

with open(udf, "a") as file_object:
    json_string = json.dumps(usern) + "\n"

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