Bracket syntax for custom struct types in Go


I’m willing to create C++ STL in Go. Is there a way to create custom structs that implement bracket syntax for index accessing?

Assume this is my array type:

type Array[T any] struct {
    values []T

Is there any way I can add bracket syntax indexation instead of Array.At() or any other?
I want to be able to access f.e index 4 using Array[4] instead of Array.At(4).

How do I achieve this?

>Solution :

No. As of the Go 1.19, Go does not support operator overloading (which is the general name for what you’re asking for — [] being the specific operator you want to overload).

See the FAQ:

Regarding operator overloading, it seems more a convenience than an absolute requirement. Again, things are simpler without it.

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