Google Sheets, Select all WHERE cell matches value in a column

I am querying data from a sheet and want to only display the results where column A from that sheet matches the values in a column on the current sheet.

Error Message
Unable to parse query string for Function QUERY parameter 2: PARSE_ERROR: Encountered " <UNEXPECTED_CHAR> "! "" at line 1, column 34. Was expecting one of: "group" … "pivot" … "order" … "skipping" … "limit" … "offset" … "label" … "format" … "options" … "and" …

Here is what I tried:

=QUERY(DFSdata!1:975,"SELECT * WHERE A MATCHES BetMaker!&A1:A15'",1)
=QUERY(DFSdata!1:975,"SELECT * WHERE A MATCHES 'BetMaker!&A1:A15''",1)
=QUERY(DFSdata!1:975,"SELECT * WHERE A MATCHES 'A1:A15'",1)

>Solution :

You can try by referring to those values joined:

=QUERY(DFSdata!1:975,"SELECT * WHERE A MATCHES '"&TEXTJOIN("|",1,BetMaker!&A1:A15)&"'",1)

Let me know!

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