Disable automatic parameter suggestions in VSCode


How can I disable the suggestion box for method parameters? (I still want to be able to make it show with the option+space shortcut, if possible)

I write some code, then I type ,. The suggestion box comes up:

I then press Enter to go on the new line, and the suggestion block covers my code:

I tried going through the VSCode settings, but couldn’t find the setting for this method parameter suggestion box. I don’t know what verbiage is used in the documentation to refer to this box.

>Solution :

These are called "parameter hints". You can turn off the automatic parameter hint popup by putting this in a settings.json file:

"editor.parameterHints.enabled": false

That setting’s documentation/description says:

Enables a pop-up that shows parameter documentation and type information as you type.

You can then manually trigger it with the Trigger Parameter Hints command, or the corresponding keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows: ctrl+shift+space
  • MacOS: command+shift+space

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