How do put multiple values into a single key in Swift?


Is there a way to put multiple values in one key in Swift’s dictionary, such as ‘multimap’ in Java?

var multiDic = [String:UserData]()

This is the dictionary I declared. it has this structure.

struct UserData{
    var name: String
    var id: String
    var nickname: String

And when I put the value in one key in the dictionary, the value is updated without being stacked.

for key in 1...10 {
    multiDic.updateValue(UserData(name:"name+\(key)", id:"id+\(key)", nickname:"nick+\(key)"), forKey: "A")



How can I accumulate multiple values on a single key? I looked up a library called ‘Buckets’
(, but there has been no update since swift 3.0.

>Solution :

Swift dictionary doesn’t support this. One work around is to declare the dictionary to hold an array of values, like this:

var multiDic = [String:[UserData]]()

You would have to modify your code for adding values to work with the array instead of updating the value in place.

I haven’t tried the "Buckets" project you mention, but for what it’s worth, it probably still works either as-is or with minor changes.

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