Visual Studio Code's recent update is disrupting autocompletion

I have a user snippet configured in Visual Studio Code. Let’s take one of the items in this snippet: one with the prefix imp.

Now, prior to the recent VSCode update, as soon as I did something like the following.

VSCode snapshot

it automatically showed the autocompletion box to me (I didn’t have to press Ctrl + Space to activate it), as shown below:

vscode snapshot

But now after the update, something strange has happened. When I type in just im, obviously, it shows me the <img> autocompletion suggestions as shown below:

enter image description here

But when I continue to type the full thing imp, the autocompletion box gets hidden. It’s only when I press Ctrl + Space that I get the autocompletion box again.

What is the reason for this problem and how to fix it?

>Solution :

I can reproduce your issue exactly, which led me to look to see if it has been reported on github. It has, see Snippets gone from IntelliSense.

From same issue as above:

I have pushed a fix for next insiders and I have pitched this for the
1.75.1 recovery release

It is not in today’s Insiders (I just tested it) so presumably Monday 02/06/2023.

So you can either try the Insiders Build 02/06/2023 or wait for the Recovery Release.

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