Tailwindcss: How to focus-within and focus-visible at the same time


I want to focus a div surrounding a button but only when keyboard focused. Usually focus-within works, but in this case it should only focus on keyboard focus (focus-visible:) and not when clicking with the mouse(focus:).

Essentially, I need to combine focus-within and focus-visible. How can this be done?

Tailwind Play: https://play.tailwindcss.com/ApDB5gSjqv

<div class="flex h-screen items-center justify-center">
  <div class="rounded-lg bg-green-100 px-20 py-20 focus-within:ring-4 focus-within:ring-blue-300">
    <button class="bg-green-200 px-6 py-3 focus:outline-none">Focusable Button</button>


  • Based on this thread, it looks like w3c doesn’t have support for focus-within-visible. What’s an alternative or round-about way to achieve this?
  • It looks like there is support for :has(:focus) selector in some browsers but how should this be applied in Tailwind…? Source

>Solution :

Instead of using focus-within you could add relative to the div you want to make look focused with the ring. Then make the button a peer and have an absolutely positioned div after it use the peer-focus-visible modifier to add any "focused" styles you want.

EDIT: You’ll need to make the div be behind the button by adding relative to the button and assigning an appropriate z-index value to both the inset div and button.

<div class="flex h-screen items-center justify-center">
  <div class="rounded-lg bg-green-100 px-20 py-20 relative">
    <button class="bg-green-200 px-6 py-3 focus:outline-none peer relative z-[1]">Focusable Button</button>
  <div class="absolute inset-0 rounded-lg peer-focus-visible:ring-4 peer-focus-visible:ring-blue-300 z-[0]"></div>

Here is an edited example on Tailwind Play https://play.tailwindcss.com/us5kpJg6cV

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