Microsoft Outlook Email not working with Manage Apps anymore


We have had Microsoft Outlook email configure in our X2CRM previously. Since, the Microsoft has updated their Exchange and disable the Basic Authentication, we are left without any email integration with the CRM.

Do you have any idea of a fix for this or when it will be updated by the X2CRM?

I have tried the Manage Apps section from the CRM. Though, it does not recognize my email credentials anymore.

>Solution :

The latest versions of X2CRM have already resolved this issue. In the latest version (currently 8.5) that I am using, there is a new drop down option with text Outlook Email Account with Oauth2 which is the OAuth2 integration with Microsoft. You can choose this option and proceed.

On the next screen, you can simply input your information and it will open the Microsoft authorization window and ask you to proceed. You just need to verify the permissions being granted and proceed to link your Microsoft account in X2CRM.

You might also need to verify with your Administrator to ensure
that Outlook Integration is updated and enabled for your email

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