Python: Loop through tuple and insert into Data Frame for each value

Trying to loop through the tuple that is currently a column in my data frame. For the first ID I want to select the first item in the group tuple then for the second ID select the second variable in the tuple. For the remaining ID’s in the same group I would like to cycle back through the tuple.

If the group changes I would like to repeat the process with the new group. I’m also fine with splitting it into a new data frame and then union the results back in later.

df = pd.DataFrame({'ID':[1,2,3,4,5,6],
ID Group
1 (‘Cat’, ‘Dog’)
2 (‘Cat’, ‘Dog’)
3 (‘Cat’, ‘Dog’)
4 (‘Cat’, ‘Dog’)
5 (‘Bird’, ‘Dog’)
6 (‘Bird’, ‘Dog’)
ID Group
1 Cat
2 Dog
3 Cat
4 Dog
5 Bird
6 Dog

>Solution :

Assuming a column of tuples:

df['Group'] = (df.groupby(df['ID'].sub(1).mod(2))['Group']
                 .transform(lambda s: s.str[])

If you have strings:

from ast import literal_eval
df['Group'] = (df['Group'].apply(literal_eval)
               .transform(lambda s: s.str[])


   ID Group
0   1   Cat
1   2   Dog
2   3   Cat
3   4   Dog
4   5  Bird
5   6   Dog

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