How to import Papaparse

I have a Svelte/Js/Vite app and need to import Papaparse. It’s installed as npm install papaparse and is present in the package.json.

When I import it as import * as Papa from "papaparse";, methods are not visible in the IDE (i.e. parse()) and the following error is shown:

error loading dynamically imported module. This could be due to syntax errors or importing non-existent modules. (see errors above)

When I import it as import {Papa} from "papaparse";, methods are visible in the IDE, but there s a message

Cannot resolve symbol ‘Papa’

and it anyway doesn’t work in a browser with the same error.

What is the proper way to import and what is the reason for these problems.

>Solution :

I think you need to import it this way since it’s a default exported member:

import Papa from "papaparse";

// the name does not really matter. You can name it whatever you want
// as you're basically saying:
// import { default as Papa } from "papaparse"

// So, you can do it like this too:
// import Mama from "papaparse";

If you’d like to learn more about why, I’d recommend reading this article:

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