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I was working on a bitboard implementation and was trying to implement the index trait but couldn’t return value &bool because this creates a temp value which could not be returned. Is there any way I could return a &bool in another way?

use std::ops::Index;

pub struct Bitboard(usize);

impl Index<usize> for Bitboard {
    type Output = bool;

    fn index(&self, index: usize) -> &Self::Output {
        &(self.0 & (1 << index) != 0)

fn main() {
    let board = Bitboard(0b000_000_000);
    // bit:                          ^
    println!("{}", board[0]);
    // false

>Solution :

Is there any way I could return a &bool in another way?

For arbitrary types returning a reference to a generated value would not be possible without leaking memory. But since there are only two distinct bool values, you could create them as static variables and return references to those:

static TRUE: bool = true;
static FALSE: bool = false;
// return &TRUE and &FALSE from index()

But it gets even easier because Rust treats a simple &true and &false as if you did just that, so this compiles:

fn index(&self, index: usize) -> &bool {
    if self.0 & (1 << index) != 0 {
    } else {


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