How to write package-statements for nested packages?


If I have a class in a sub-package like sub-package-name, which is in a parent-package like higher-level-package-name, do I just write

package "sub-package-name";

Or also add the parent-package, maybe like

package "sub-package-name";
package "higher-level-package-name";

>Solution :


You are only supposed to write a single package statement, with the full name of the package. So if you have a directory hierarchy for your packages like:

└─ bar/
   └─ baz/

Your file would have a statement like:


Nested packages

Java itself actually has no concept of nested packages.

As far as the language is concerned,

  • foo,
  • and

are considered three independent packages. Sub-packages or parent-packages are not a thing to Java.

Consequently, package-visibility also does not carry over to sub- or parent-packages.

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