How to get array data from Firestore? Android Kotlin

I have an array in Firestore. How can I get array items? I need streamers array type of string.

What I try is:

        .addSnapshotListener { snapshot, e ->
            if (e == null) {
                val documents = snapshot?.documents
                if(documents != null) {
                    val list = mutableListOf<Ajanslar>()
                    for (document in documents) {

                        val agencyName = document.get("agencyName").toString()
                        val coverImage = document.get("coverImage").toString()
                        val owner = document.get("owner").toString()
                        val platform = document.get("platform").toString()
                        val streamers = document.get("streamers")
                        val newAjans = Ajanslar(agencyName,coverImage,owner,platform,streamers)
                    ajansListRepo.value = list

Streamers give error and says Type mismatch. Required: kotlin.collections.ArrayList<String> /* = java.util.ArrayList<String> */ Found: Any?

My firestore is like that:
enter image description here

I found an answer like that in Java but I couldn’t do it.

rootRef.collection("products").document("06cRbnkO1yqyzOyKP570").get().addOnCompleteListener(new OnCompleteListener<DocumentSnapshot>() {
public void onComplete(@NonNull Task<DocumentSnapshot> task) {
    if (task.isSuccessful()) {
        DocumentSnapshot document = task.getResult();
        if (document.exists()) {
            ArrayList<String> list = (ArrayList<String>) document.get("ip_range");
            Log.d(TAG, list.toString());


>Solution :

I wrote that answer and the solution is quite simple in Kotlin. As I see in your screenshot, the streamers field is an array of strings. When you call DocumentSnapshot#get(), the type of object that is returned is Any and not a List<String>. If you need that, you have to explicitly perform a cast to such an object. So please change the following line of code:

val streamers = document.get("streamers")


val streamers = document.get("streamers") as List<String>

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