Power Query M – Expression Error – list to text

I’m doing a API request using Web.Contents. I submit a dynamic access token, which I get from a function.

Source = 
            [Headers=[Authorization="Bearer "& GetToken()]]))

in  Source

This works in all of my other instances, but for some reason I get an error with a specific endpoint, to which I submit a id. The error is:

Expression.Error: We cannot convert a value of type List to type Text.

I have checked the documentation for the API, and the response is composed of the following

id -  Id of the device
lastServicedDate - The last time the service was done.
trip -
total -
stateLastUpdated - the timestamp of the state.

Previous assistance have informed me that I need to expand the list, but I cannot seem to make this work.

Any assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you.

>Solution :

You are supplying a list to Web.Contents instead of text. {} denotes a list. Remove your braces:

        [Headers=[Authorization="Bearer "& GetToken()]])

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