Submodules configuration for a submodule inside a submodule

I want to clone the toppra repository inside the toppra-extension repo, and to do so I have my GitLab .gitmodules as follows:

[submodule "toppra_extensions"]
  path = toppra_extensions
  url =

[submodule "toppra_extensions/toppra"]
  path = toppra_extensions/topra
  url =

the problem is that: git submodule sync is not synchronizing the toppra submodule, can you please tell me what should I change to make the synchronization automated using .gitmodules? thanks in advance.

>Solution :

toppra_extensions already has toppra as a submodule.

To properly clone your project remove [submodule "toppra_extensions/toppra"] from the superproject’s .gitmodules:

git config -f .gitmodules remove-section submodule.toppra_extensions/toppra

Use git clone --recurse-submodules to clone, git submodule sync --recursive and git submodule update --init --recursive to update.

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