dbt snowflake target doesn't seem to work

sorry, I’m very new to dbt, just trying to learn and cant figure out why cant I connect to snowflake. I was able to connect to postgresql database.

Here’s my profiles.yml file, I think maybe user is not correct? I can’t seem to figure out what is what tbh. Thank you for any help.

  target: dev
      account: https://eq16839.west-europe.azure.snowflakecomputing.com
      database: TEST_DB
      password: myfakepassword
      role: ACCOUNTADMIN
      schema: TEST_SCHEMA
      threads: 1
      type: snowflake
      user: EFLJMYO.YJ19269
      warehouse: COMPUTE_WH

>Solution :

Remove http:// and .snowflakecomputing.com and you should be good. Neither are part of the Snowflake account name.

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