Getting rid of the clutter of `.lr_find_` in pytorch lightning?

When using the Lightning’s built-in LR finder:

# Create a Tuner
tuner = Tuner(trainer)

# finds learning rate automatically
# sets or hparams.learning_rate to that learning rate

a lot of checkpoint lr_find_XXX.ckpt are created in the running directory which creates clutter. How can I make sure that these checkpoint are not created? Or keep them in a dedicated directory?

>Solution :

As it is defined in the as:

# Save initial model, that is loaded after learning rate is found
ckpt_path = os.path.join(trainer.default_root_dir, f".lr_find_{uuid.uuid4()}.ckpt")

the initial model is saved with the checkpoint you are mentioning lr_find_XXX.ckpt to the directory trainer.default_root_dir. If no default directory is defined during the initialization of the trainer, current working directory will be assigned as the default_root_dir. After finding the ideal learning rate lr_find restores the initial model from the checkpoint and removes the checkpoint.

# Restore initial state of model

You are probably stopping the program before the checkpoint is restored and removed so you have two options:

  1. Wait for the ideal learning rate to be found so that the checkpoint is removed
  2. Change the default_root_dir: Trainer(default_root_dir='./NAME_OF_THE_DIR') but be aware that this is also the directory that the lightning logs are saved to.

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