How to combine multiple rows into single column, or multiple columns

How can I take multiple rows of different data for one user, and move them into columns so that each user has only one row.

In my example, I have three tables. The table in red is the current data I have. The tables in green are what I want to convert the data to.

I tried moving each value into its own column with a formula placing a formula in a different column and moving the data over like this: In C2, =IF B2=21, B2' then copying the data into one row and deleting the others. This is long and complicated process and I am wondering if there is a better way.

>Solution :

You may try:

1st table

=byrow(unique(tocol(A2:A,1)),lambda(z,{z,join(", ",filter(B:B,A:A=z))}))

2nd table


enter image description here

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