Lists manipulation with indexs

I have two lists.

List A :

A = ["apple","cherry","pear","mango","banana","grape","kiwi","orange","pineapple"]

List B :

B = [{"offset":0, "xx":789},{"offset":3, "xx":921},{"offset":6, "xx":89}]

The idea is to use the offset from each item in B as an index offset for setting the xx values in our results array.
For instance, this would be the expected result:


For example, B[0] has "offset" of 0. this means that C of index >= 0 will have an "xx" value of B[0][‘xx’]. Then we have B[0][‘offset’] of 3 that will set new "xx" values to the C items with index >= 3 and so on.

I am able to acheive a similar result using a dataframes and pandas. But since pandas library is quite heavy, I am requested to do it without using pandas.

>Solution :

What about using a simple loop?

# rework B in a better format
dic = {d['offset']:d['xx']  for d in B}
# {0: 789, 3: 921, 6: 89}

C = []

v = None
for i, a in enumerate(A):
    v = dic.get(i, v) # if we reached a threshold, update the value
    C.append({'fruit':a, 'xx': v})



[{'fruit': 'apple', 'xx': 789},
 {'fruit': 'cherry', 'xx': 789},
 {'fruit': 'pear', 'xx': 789},
 {'fruit': 'mango', 'xx': 921},
 {'fruit': 'banana', 'xx': 921},
 {'fruit': 'grape', 'xx': 921},
 {'fruit': 'kiwi', 'xx': 89},
 {'fruit': 'orange', 'xx': 89},
 {'fruit': 'pineapple', 'xx': 89}]

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