How to implement value-like semantics for non-trivial types in rust


I would like to write a type that has an implementation for the Drop trait. but I would like to not need to call .clone() every time I need a copy like a type that implement Copy. But from what I understood, I cannot use the Copy trait because it can only be implemented for trivial types that can be memcpyed around and is incompatible with the Drop trait.

for example:

use std::rc::Rc;

struct Impl {
    //... details

struct ValueLikeHandle {
    handle : Rc<Impl>

impl ValueLikeHandle {
    pub fn new() -> ValueLikeHandle {
        ValueLikeHandle { handle : Rc::new(Impl{}) }

fn main() {
    let a = ValueLikeHandle::new();
    let b = a; // I would like this to be a .clone() with out writing it.
    let c = a;

How can I implement value semantics for a non-trivial type ?

>Solution :

To the best of my knowledge you can’t. This is a conscious design decision to prevent gotchas.

Clone has the potential to be expensive and therefore shouldn’t happen implicitly. Also, it would be a gotcha because assignment either uses move semantics for non-copy types and copy semantics for copy types, but never clones.

In some languages you could overload the assignment operator to implement clone semantics, but Rust doesn’t allow that.

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