Instance Methods Class Error: in `new': wrong number of arguments (given 7, expected 0) (ArgumentError)


Hi I am just getting the following error: "in `new’: wrong number of arguments (given 7, expected 0) (ArgumentError)"

In app/services/quarterback.rb I have:

class Quarterback
attr_accessor :id, :firstname, :secondname, :club, :position, :price, :totalpoints,
def initialize(id, firstname, secondname, club, position, price, totalpoints)
    @id = id
    @firstname = firstname
    @secondname = secondname
    @club = club
    @position = position
    @price = price
    @totalpoints = totalpoints

def info
    "#{firstname} works for #{club} and has a cost of #{price}."

sparky ='1', 'John', 'Edgar', 'Liverpool', 'Forward', '100', '38' )

Thanks for the help!

>Solution :

That’s because you have a , at the end of line 2:

attr_accessor :id, :firstname, :secondname, :club, :position, :price, :totalpoints,

to be replaced with

attr_accessor :id, :firstname, :secondname, :club, :position, :price, :totalpoints

For a more detailed explanation as to why that error was triggered, I would suggest to have a read at this great answer:

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