How to scale multiple images with a for loop?


I’m trying to use a for-loop to iterate through a list of self classes. I want to give each one the same scale.

def __init__(self):    
    self.image = pygame.image.load("Migue/m_normal.png")

    self.quieto = pygame.image.load("Migue/m_normal.png")
    self.andando = pygame.image.load("Migue/m_andando_normal.png")
    self.image = pygame.transform.scale(self.image, sizenorm)
    states = [self.quieto, self.andando]

    for i in states:
        i = pygame.transform.scale(i, sizenorm)

This wont work, but I can achieve the result using this:

self.quieto = pygame.transform.scale(self.quieto, sizenorm) 
self.andando = pygame.transform.scale(self.andando, sizenorm)

The problem is that I have to make a lot of more states, and using that for loop would be shorter. However, it doesn’t work like the lower example does. I don’t know what’s wrong with the loop.

>Solution :

You can create a list of the scaled objects and assign the elements of the list to the original attributes:

states = [self.quieto, self.andando]
states = [pygame.transform.scale(i, sizenorm) for i in states]
(self.quieto, self.andando) = states

This can even be written in a single line

(self.quieto, self.andando) = [pygame.transform.scale(i, sizenorm) for i in [self.quieto, self.andando]]

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