How to calculate correctly

I try to calculate votes from my Dapp.
But I dont know how to calculate them this is what i have so fare

    useEffect(() => {
    const fetchAllVotes = async () => {
        const items = await fetchItems(); // get all the items
        const votesPerItem = await Promise.all(
   (item) => {
                const votes = await getVotes(; // get all the votes for the item
                return votes;
        const allVotes = votesPerItem.flat(); // combine all the votes into a single array
}, []) => {

this is my console but how do i calculate the numbers

I also tried to reduce like this.. But then i get the result like the second picture indicates

  const totalVotes = votes.reduce((accumulator, currentValue) => accumulator + currentValue, 0);

console.log("Total votes:", totalVotes);

Then i get this

>Solution :

Looks like you are getting an array of string. Don’t forget to convert them into integer or float:

const sum = votes.reduce((partialSum, a) => parseInt(partialSum) + parseInt(a), 0);

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