Custom function comparison returns incorrect value, but only when the lower value is between 3 and 9

I am writing a custom function for google sheets to give me the win/loss values of volleyball matches. To do that I get the range of the games and just say if the current range value for game 1 is greater than the other range value for game 1, increase to the wins column. But for some reason, when the score for the losing team is between 3 and 9 (inclusive) it will say that they have the higher score (compared to 25).

function GETNUMWINS(currentRange, otherRange) {
  var wins = 0;
  var numGames = currentRange.length;

  for(let i = 0; i < numGames; i++){
    if(currentRange[i] > otherRange[i]){
  return wins;

For example, a match of

Team A Team B
25 9
25 15

will result in that function returning 1 win for each team.

>Solution :

Then it’s probably considering the numbers as strings, subsequently considering "in alphabetical order" 3 greater than 25


(currentRange[i]*1 > otherRange[i]*1)

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