Google App Scripts – Regex – Remove all letters, replace all spaces, or new lines with comma not working



I have a Google App Script Web App which has a form which contains a TextArea, and when submitted saves the data in a Google Sheet.

This text-area collects Employee ID’s and will receive input from non-tech savvy users.

The users may use the following formats when entering the ID’s into the textarea, including typos such as extra spaces, commas, or a mixture of all 3 formats.

A) Separated by a space.

A123456 B001234 TMP00123456

B) Separated by a comma (with or without a space too)

A123456,B001234, TMP00123456

C) One / line.



I need to cleanse the data above before its written to the Google Sheet. The cleansed (expected outcome) data should look like



I cant seem to get REGEX to work correctly. I have tried many variations.

var agentIds = form.agentIds.replace(/[^\d]+/g, ',').replace(/^,+|,+$/g, '');

In a nutshell, I am looking for regex to…

  1. Replace all spaces with comma.
  2. Replace all line-breaks with commas.
  3. Remove all letters.
  4. IF there are 2 or more commas next to each other, remove the extras.

II am not sure if this is the most efficient way…but the only way I could think of. I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help!!! 🙂

>Solution :

I believe your goal is as follows.

  • You want to retrieve a value of 123456,001234,001234567 from "A123456 B001234 TMP00123456", "A123456,B001234, TMP001234567", "A123456\nB001234\nTMP001234567".

In this case, how about the following sample script? In this sample script, I used split and replace.

Sample script:

const values = ["A123456 B001234 TMP00123456", "A123456,B001234, TMP00123456", "A123456\nB001234\nTMP00123456"];
const res = => e.split(/[\s,]+/g).map(f => f.trim().replace(/[A-Z]/ig, "")).join(","));
// or const res = => e.replace(/[\s,]+/g, ",").replace(/[A-Z]/ig, ""));
  • When this script is run, ["123456,001234,00123456","123456,001234,00123456","123456,001234,00123456"] is obtained.

  • In your sample input value and output value, it seems that a value of 001234567 is retrieved from TMP00123456 of A123456 B001234 TMP00123456. I’m worried that you might have miscopied TMP001234567 as TMP00123456. I’m not sure about the detail of this.

  • If you want to use this script for one value, how about the following sample script?

    const sample = "A123456,B001234, TMP00123456";
    const res = sample.split(/[\s,]+/g).map(f => f.trim().replace(/[A-Z]/ig, "")).join(",");
    // or const res = sample.replace(/[\s,]+/g, ",").replace(/[A-Z]/ig, "");


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