Multiple series with subplots for shared columns in DataFrames

I have two DataFrames with identical row indexes and column names that are sometimes only in one DataFrame, and sometimes in both. I wanted to plot data from columns that are in both DataFrames and arrange them in subplots. The final figure should look like this:

ColumnA1 + ColumnB1 ColumnA2 + ColumnB2
ColumnA3 + ColumnB3 ColumnA4 + ColumnB4

For now I tried to simply have the plots done, without arranging them in subplots. But if any of the columns is not present in both DataFrames, none of the plots are showing:

for column_name in [DataFrameA.columns, DataFrameB.columns]:
        DataFrameA[column_name].plot(label = "A")
        DataFrameB[column_name].plot(label = "B")

>Solution :


Save the column names for each DataFrame as sets a and b. After that, create a new set c that contains only the elements which are contained in BOTH sets (the intersection of the sets). Next, use a for loop to iterate over each column name in c and plot the data. This is just like the code in the question, except iterating over the new set c instead of [DataFrameA.columns, DataFrameB.columns].


a = set(list(DataFrameA))
b = set(list(DataFrameB))
c = a.intersection(b)

for column_name in c:
        DataFrameA[column_name].plot(label = "A")
        DataFrameB[column_name].plot(label = "B")

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