Trying to put a PHP math result into JavaScript chart

I’ve been trying to figure this out for days. I hope I can explain this clear. I am trying to call up the results of this simple math equation in JavaScript code below:

             echo " ",$z;  

part of the script code

        { y: $z, label: "slice" },
        { y: 2, label: "pepper" },
        { y: 15, label: "sprite" },
        { y: 23, label: "coke" }

I now trying to put the $z in the script code

i tried using JavaScript and call tags, but that just messes up the JavaScript code. It only works if the number is posted only. Let know if what I did is possbile

>Solution :

To pass the value of $z from PHP to JavaScript, you can include the value of $z in a JavaScript block in your PHP code:

$x = 37;  
$y = 15;  
$z = $x - $y;  
echo '<script>var z = ' . $z . ';</script>';  

// use the variable z in your JavaScript code
var dataPoints = [
    { y: z, label: "slice" },
    { y: 2, label: "pepper" },
    { y: 15, label: "sprite" },
    { y: 23, label: "coke" }

In this example, the PHP code outputs a JavaScript block that sets the value of a variable called "z" to the value of $z. The JavaScript code then uses the "z" variable in the dataPoints array.

This approach should allow you to use the value of $z in your JavaScript code.

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