select a single json element based on a property value

I have the following content in a jsonb column:

    "Value": "ABC",
    "PropertyTypeId": 1
    "Value": "CDE",
    "PropertyTypeId": 2
    "Value": "FGE",
    "PropertyTypeId": 3

And I want to get the value of the element that has a property type of 2 for example.

I’ve gotten as closes as the following:

jsonb_array_elements(tbl.jsonb_column)@>'{"PropertyTypeId": 2}'
FROM tbl

Above only tells me that weather the json contains "PropertyTypeId": 2 or not and it duplicates the rows to 3 rows, I only need one row with the "CDE" in the column.

>Solution :

You can use a JSON path query:

select jsonb_path_query_first(other_properties, '$[*] ? (@.PropertyTypeId == 2)')
from the_table

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