javascript: How do you use a function from the importing module in a function from the imported module/file

So I have a module

import {childFunction} from './child.js'
var parent = (function(){
  function parentFunction(){
    alert('parent hello');



Then in child.js

export function childFunction(){
  alert('child hello');

When I try to run this it says parentFunction is undefined. Am I misunderstanding a concept here or am I using the wrong functionality?

Is it possible to do what I’m trying to but in a different way?

>Solution :

Two modules cannot import each other

That creates a circular dependency that cannot be resolved.

You could, instead, pass the parent function to the child function

That allows you to get around this.


export function childFunction(parentFunctionPart2){
  alert('child hello');

import {childFunction} from "child.js"

function parentFunction(){

function parentFunctionPart2(){
    // stuff that needs to provided to childFunction

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