How to get jq output without extra characters?


When i can get result in jq with this input data

await CLI.mount({
    name: "test.json",
    data: JSON.stringify([{some:{data: {test: 'data'}}}, {some: {data: "there"}}])

I am getting correct output but with characters not recognized by the system.

Output of jq:
  [0m[34;1m"test"[0m[1;39m: [0m[0;32m"data"[0m[1;39m

How can I get an output file without extra characters ?

I looked at all the flags in the manual but did not find what would help me.

>Solution :

The -M command-line option suppresses the kind of extra characters you mention. If you want complete control over the STDOUT output, consider using the -c and -j command-line options, which together suppress everything that isn’t explicitly sent to STDOUT. (But see the manual for details.)

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