Can Classes Use Assignment Unpacking Similar to Iterable Lists?

I have list myList = [[1, 2], [3, 4], [5, 6]] which I can use assignment unpacking to get list_instance0, list_instance1, list_instance2 = myList

If I have a class:

class myClass():
    def __init__(self, a: int, b: int):
        self.a = a
        self.b = b
    def printAB(self):
        return self.a, self.b

Now If I want to assign the list_instance[i] I can do:


If I was to try

subClass0, subClass1, subClass2 = myClass(*list_instance0, *list_instance1, *list_instance2)
# error "myClass" is not iterable: __iter__ method not defined

So I was wondering is there a way to assign classInstance[i] with list_instance[i] to myClass in a more dynamic way instead of having to assign each one individually?

>Solution :

You simply want to map MyClass over your list.

from itertools import starmap

subClass0, subClass1, subClass2 = starmap(myClass, myList)

starmap ensures the contents of each sublist are passed as separate arguments to myClass, rather than the sublist itself passed as a single argument.

or you can use a list comprehension to be a little more explicit:

subClass0, subClass1, subClass2 = [myClass(*x) for x in myList]

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