Extract string before specific character

i have list of images , which are named as follow :

so name_digit.jpg

of course if it would be only one _digit.jpg, then using split statement it is very easy,but whe have also image named as follow


sure we should extract text before _digit, but i am not sure which regular expression method can i use for it?i will demonstrate one example

let us suppose we have following string :

name ='Egyptian_Mau_214.jpg'

if i use split statement


then result would be : ['Egyptian', 'Mau', '214.jpg']
but i want to split before the _214, so how to do it?

>Solution :

would this work:

name ='Egyptian_Mau_214.jpg'

m = re.split(r'_(?=\d+\.[a-z]+$)', name)

print(m) # ['Egyptian_Mau', '214.jpg']

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