Unable to print each element in javascript array despite being able to print whole array

I have the 2 functions below. The first pushes tabs to currentTabs. The second is supposed to iterate over them, but it is showing a length of 0. However I am able to print the whole array to the console.

let currentTabs = [];

async function getCurrentTabs() 
  chrome.tabs.query({}).then((tabs) =>
    for ( const tab of tabs) 
async function showTabsToSave()
  console.log("creating list of potential tabs to save");
  await getCurrentTabs();
  console.log(currentTabs); // this works
  console.log(currentTabs.at(0)); // this is undefined

  currentTabs.forEach((i) =>{
    console.log(i); // shows nothing since size is 0


>Solution :

To solve the immediate problem, wait for chrome.tabs.query to finish with await:

await chrome.tabs.query({}).then(/*...*/);

However, it is better to actually return the array from the getCurrentTabs function than to add to a global array.

async function getCurrentTabs() {
  return chrome.tabs.query({});
async function showTabsToSave() {
    const currentTabs = await getCurrentTabs();
    // ...

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