Convert elements in an array of Int to elements of another array of String using map and filter


I have an array of integers var array: [Int] = [0, 1, 2]

I have an array of strings var arrayOfStrings: [String] = ["apple", "banana", "orange"]

I have a function that i can pass an array parameter of Int and returns an array of String.

If i call the function and pass the following Int array [0, 1] which means that the user selected apple and banana, i need to return from that function the array of string with apple and banana from the second array which means ["apple", "banana"]. How is this possible using map and filter in swift? Any help appreciated.

>Solution :

First you don’t need the first array. You should always use the original array indices.

let array = arrayOfStrings.indices // note that it is a Range not an array

You just need to iterate the selected indices and map the original array:

let selectedIndices: [Int] = [0, 1]

let selectedElements = { arrayOfStrings[$0] }

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