group nearby timestamps together in pandas


I understand Pandas has a pd.Grouper where we can specify time frequency. However, it uses the frequency as border for each sample, similar to how resample does it.
For example:

df.groupby(pd.Grouper(key='Timestamp', freq='1s')).agg({...})

will create a grouped dataframe with index that are 1s apart.
However, I want to group all rows where the difference between the previous and next rows are less than 1s. For example, my timestamp might be (ignoring datetimes for simplicity, only showing the seconds, assume the same datetime before second precision) 1.1s, 1.8s, 2.4s, 5s, 5.9s, 9s, in which case I want (1.1s, 1.8s, and 2.4s), (5s, 5.9s), (9s) grouped together, and the indexes to the grouped dataframe are (1.1s, 5s, 9s).

How can I achieve this?

>Solution :

you can groupby cumsum on (diff > threshold):

threshold = pd.Timedelta('1s')

blocks = df['Timestamp'].diff().ge(threshold).cumsum()


Note: the question is inherently problematic, e.g. if the Timestamp is something like pd.date_range('2023-01-01', '2023-01-02', freq='.9s'), then you’d have just one big group.

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