How to calculate the sum of integers from arrays

I’m wondering if there is another way to calculate the sum of integers. Are there any built-in functions, or different ways to count this?

I create an empty array

    $arr=array(14, 13,"Cat",16,"Dog", 13.8, 14.5);

I found an empty integer and pushed into empty array

foreach ($arr as $val){
            array_push($arr2, $val);
    } }

and then i summed all integer


     foreach($arr2 as $val2){
        $sum += $val2;
     echo $sum;

Is my way correct?

>Solution :

Your way of calculating the sum of these integers is basically okay.
Take a look at array_filter() and array_sum() function in the php-docs to get rid of these foreach-loops:

$arr = array(14, 13,"Cat",16,"Dog", 13.8, 14.5);
$arr2 = array_filter($arr, 'is_int');
$sum = array_sum($arr2);
echo $sum;

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