geom = pg.built_in.Geometry() and the it says there is no attribute "built_in"

I’m trying to update a code done in 2018 (not by me) and i fell on geom = pg.built_in.Geometry() and it says there is no attribute "built_in".

import pygmsh as pg
geom = pg.built_in.Geometry()
AttributeError: module 'pygmsh' has no attribute 'built_in'

How is the updated version, or is there anything else I can do?

While looking on the internet I found a few changes that didn’t even work,
Like using geom = pg.Geometry() straight

>Solution :

built_in was removed in pygmsh 7.* versions. Try

import pygmsh

with pygmsh.geo.Geometry() as geom:

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