Where can I download a compiled jUnit 5 jar package?


I just need .jar files for JUnit 5. From the repo and website, it seems that they want you to compile/build them yourself using Maven… right?

However, I don’t have the ability to compile/build in Maven (or whatever other tools you’d use normally). Is there an easy way to just get the compiled .jar files, like there used to be for JUnit 4?

If not, is there a simple way to build for someone not familiar with Maven or other environments? (I am coding in a tool that uses Java but is anything like Maven/IntelliJ…)

Or is it safe to use 3rd-party downloads of the jar files like this one?

any pointers appreciated.

>Solution :

Junit 5 is not distributed in a single artifact just like Junit4,
All the relevant jars containing the compiled code are in the maven central repository but you’ll need to know what exactly to download

To understand exactly what are the relevant jars for your installation google for "JUnit 5 architecture". Here is one link that explains it pretty well

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