What happens if I reached the limit of my sendgrid plan?

I want to use sendgrid for sending password recovery emails and get the free version with the limit of 100 emails a day. I couldnt see what happens if that limit is reached. What if there is a user who during that day requests password recovery but it would be email number 101? would he just not be able to send it? Do I need to set up something myself on my backend? Would I be charged for the next plan?

>Solution :

After you pass the SendGrid emails limit, in your case (free version) – 101 email, you will get:

  1. The 101 email will get rejected by the Sendgrid API.

  2. SendGrid API will return a rate limit error response (status code 429).
    You can handle this error in your code, and you might consider sending the email through a different service or trying again later when the limit refreshes.

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