How can I pass a state variable into render object in React

I’m trying to pass a state variable called ‘imageSize’ into a map render object, but I can’t figure out how to do this, I have 2 state variables:

const [searchImages, setSearchImages] = useState([]);    
const [imageSize, setImageSize] = useState("regular");

I currently have mapped over searchImages with no problems, but when I try to add ‘imageSize’ into my img src , it doesn’t work, like so:

    { => (
           <img className='image-item' key={} src={item.urls.imageSize} alt='cool'/>

Could you provide advice on how I can achieve this.

>Solution :

You are using imageSize as a state to trigger different image size in the object item -> urls, therefore you can not use dot notation, but you need bracket notation as:

{ => (
  <img className='image-item' key={} src={item.urls[`${imageSize}`]} alt='cool'/>

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