Getting a command " not found error whenever I press "." key


I’m not pressing any keys with the period key but whenever I press down "." key, I get a <command " not found> error on the bottom right corner making VS code impossible to work with.

Any help or suggestions would be great.

Things I’ve tried:

  • checked if any key bindings existed for the period key but found none.
  • reinstalled VS code but the error still exists
  • had all extensions off but no luck

>Solution :

For some reason, you had { "key": ".", "command": "" } added to your keybindings.json file (which you can check with the Preference: Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON) command in the command palette). Either you added it by accident, or some bug happened, or an extension somehow added it at some point in time.

Another technique for debugging problems like this is to check if an extension is causing it, which you can do by doing an extension bisect.

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