Can one work with JavaScript without any tools?

To work with javascript, is it necessary to have some of the tools, or can it be done "dry" like that? Does it matter if I include not only BIT, but also Helios, React, or one of the other tools in my environment?
P.S. I’m just a beginner so if the question is imprecise or unclear, please forgive me.

I didn’t do anything yet.

>Solution :

To work with JavaScript, you don’t necessarily need any specific tools, but having a good development environment and using certain tools can greatly enhance your productivity and make your coding experience more enjoyable.

You can start making HTML files, with javascript code inside it, and running it in the browser. Then, given some time, you will learn about the tools and, most important, what problems do they solve. So, it will become natural to use other tools as your learning progresses.

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