Move (cover) file into folder with the same name at a different location

unfortunately I have not found a solution for this yet. I would like to run through a folder (incl. subfolders) to find all files with "cover" or "Cover" in the name and then move those into a folder with the same name as its current parent folder, but that new folder is in a different location. So

1st location:

-- subfolder 1
---- file.mp3 
---- cover.jpg
-- subfolder 2
---- file2.mp3
---- cover1.jpg

2nd location:

-- subfolder 1
---- otherfile.mp3 
---- **cover from subfolder 1 goes here**
-- subfolder 2
---- otherfile2.mp3
---- **cover from subfolder 1 goes here**

The cover files should go from the first location to the second location. I have found out how I can find all the files (find . -type f -name "*Cover*.*") but no idea how to move them, as I cannot understand, how I bring this command into the "for f in *cover*.*; do" format.

Thanks for some guidance!

>Solution :

With absolute paths:


    cd "$src" &&
    find -type f -name '*[Cc]over*' \
        -exec echo mv -iv -- {} "$dst"/{} \;

This will display the mv commands that would be run.

To actually move the files, remove echo.

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