Using class set value to access a list subset

The testList example represents list strings from a text file. The compareList represents a values list from a dictionary. I want to ‘pull out’ subsets of a string AFTER the match.

# Use a set result to print "fox here!"
testList = ['quick', 'brown', 'fox', 'here!']
compareList = ['beige', 'black', 'brown']
foundList = []

result = set(testList) & set(compareList)
# <class 'set'> {'brown'}

How to use the compareList value ‘brown’ to print the remainder of the testList eg ['fox', 'here!'] From a resultant foundList

>Solution :

Get the index of brown and then slice the rest of the list.

color = list(result)[0]
index = testList.index(color)
rest = testList[index+1:]

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