Automatic generation of dots in Notepad++ when pressing space

I am encountering an issue in Notepad++ where dots are automatically generated when I press the spacebar. This behavior is unexpected and causes inconvenience while working with text.

To provide some context, whenever I type a space between words in Notepad++, it automatically inserts a dot instead of a regular space. For example, when I type "hello world" and press the spacebar, it appears as "". as shown in this screenshot : screen of point between words

I have tried investigating the settings in Notepad++ to find a solution, but I haven’t been successful in resolving this problem. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to disable this automatic dot generation when typing spaces.

Thank you for your help.

>Solution :

Go to View -> Show Symbol and uncheck Show Space and Tab.

By the way, I find this option useful and usually have it turned on. Similar useful options include:

  • Show Non-Printing Characters
  • Show Control Characters & Unicode EOL

options for disabling certain visible special characters

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