JS – Check *all* selected files on dragenter, error if any do not meet requirement

I have a drag and drop image "uploader" (it does not upload, only converts to base64 and displays thumbnails). Currently if you drag one file into the dropzone, if it is not a .jpg/.jpeg it will show error (this is correct functionality), but if you drag multiple files into the dropzone, it does not show the error if at least 1 file is a jpg, even if the other file(s) do not meet jpg requirement, which is not what should happen (ex: you select .jpg and .zip, this will not trigger error, but it should). I need to show the error always unless all selected files are .jpg. Can anyone assist?

Here is the relevant dragenter code (same code for dragover)

(e) => {
const img = Array.from(e.dataTransfer.items).find(e => e.type.match('image/jpeg'))
if (img){
  error.innerHTML = "HTML removed from snippet for readability";


>Solution :

Try changing "find" to "every" (search MDN documentation for "Array.prototype.every"):

const img = Array.from(e.dataTransfer.items).every(e => e.type.match('image/jpeg'))

There’s another array method, some, for checking "if at least one".

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