Custom javascript button to change body background and font color

Note: not a duplicated because this is a custom made code and no other answer is answering my question, also because this is only javascript and not Jquery based

After reading hundreds of other posts and answers I decided to create a simple function instead of complicated/advanced ones, using just javascript. The problem is that I just started to learn javascript yesterday 🙂

What I want:

I want users to click on a single toggle button to turn dark mode on/off without complications in the code but just to save the value in localStorage and/or retrieve the chosen values from localStorage

The colors are just 2:

Dark mode is: body background #101010 and body font color if #FFFFFF

Light mode is: body background #FFFFFF and body font color if #101010

What I have


<button class="change" value="on">Dark mode is on</a>
<button class="change" value="off">Dark mode is off</a>
#would be nice with a single toggle button


var document.querySelector(".change")
var body = document.getElementsByTagName("body")

btn.addEventListener("click", (e) => {
if (body[0].style.backgroundColor === "on") {
body[0].style.backgroundColor = "#101010"
body[0].style.color = "#FAFAFA"

} else {
body[0].style.backgroundColor = "#FAFAFA"
body[0].style.color = "#101010"

localStorage.setItem("bgColor", body[0].style.backgroundColor)
localStorage.setItem("textColor", body[0].style.color)
body[0].style.backgroundColor = localStorage.getItem("bgColor")
body[0].style.color = localStorage.getItem("textColor")

What I need

To make it save the chosen colors by the user and remember them with localstorage

To know if it is possible to make the button toggle with the text:
Dark mode is on/Dark mode is off

I created this Codepen with the code

>Solution :

This should work fine now, I just added on to your code.

The selected (mode)colors by the user will be saved in localStorage and retrieved when the page is loaded. Additionally I updated the CSS to include a .dark-mode class that applies the dark mode styles to the body element.

<button id="toggleBtn">Dark mode is on</button>


var toggleBtn = document.getElementById("toggleBtn");
var body = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];

toggleBtn.addEventListener("click", function() {
  var bgColor, textColor;

  if (body.classList.contains("dark-mode")) {
    toggleBtn.textContent = "Dark mode is on";
    bgColor = "#FFFFFF";
    textColor = "#101010";
  } else {
    toggleBtn.textContent = "Dark mode is off";
    bgColor = "#101010";
    textColor = "#FFFFFF";
  } = bgColor; = textColor;

  // Save the chosen colors to localStorage
  localStorage.setItem("bgColor", bgColor);
  localStorage.setItem("textColor", textColor);

// Retrieve saved colors from localStorage
var savedBgColor = localStorage.getItem("bgColor");
var savedTextColor = localStorage.getItem("textColor");

if (savedBgColor && savedTextColor) { = savedBgColor; = savedTextColor;

  if (savedBgColor === "#101010" && savedTextColor === "#FFFFFF") {
    toggleBtn.textContent = "Dark mode is off";
body {
  margin: 0;
  height: 100%;

.dark-mode {
  background-color: #101010;
  color: #FFFFFF;

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