How to add Json in Var using an array

I am trying to add below JSON in VAR as an array.

    "path": "test",
    "op" : "replace",
    "from" : "null",
    "value" :"7c45f39c-708b-4d54-8fff-421640dyuuii"


I did try, below and it didn’t work me, how can declare this as an array, TIA.

var data = new
         op ="replace",
         from = "null",
         value ="7c45f39c-708b-4d54-8fff-421640dyuuii"

>Solution :

The syntax new { ... } declares an object. You can use new[] { } to declare an array. And then within that declaration you can declare you object(s). For example:

var data = new[] {
    new {
       path = "test",
       op = "replace",
       from = "null",
       value = "7c45f39c-708b-4d54-8fff-421640dyuuii"

As an aside… Note that with implicit types you can’t declare an empty array, such as:

var data = new[] { };

As the compiler would need an example of the object to infer the type. In the example above the compiler infers an anonymous type from the inner new { ... } declaration of your object. Any type would work, there just needs to be one. Otherwise you’d need to explicitly define a type. For example:

var data = new string[] {};

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